Cheap camera for photogrammetry rig - any thoughts?
April 29, 2022 06:49AM
This is to use on a scanner that I have built ( [] )

I am looking for something like:-
  • Really lightweight - not much heavier than a small webcam.
  • Decent resolution greater than 4 megapixels
  • Good lens with no chromatic aberration
  • Aperture adjustable above F16 for large depth of field
  • Low noise sensor
  • Most importantly, really really cheap - the last person I asked thought £1700 was really really cheap but I mean < £100

Any thoughts or recommendations? So far the closest is a Raspberry Pi HQ camera with a 16mm lens which squeaks under my limit but I am hoping to do better.

Further information:-

One of my ongoing projects would benefit from being able to take a 3D scan. In the past I have built a Ciclop 3D scanner but, as many have, I found that it fell a little short of my expectations. In the hope of getting some improvement, I modified the scanner to use the table with a webcam to use photogrammetry to get my 3D models

The problem is that I am still getting disappointing results. While most of this is probably a lack of knowledge, one thing I am sure of is that I need to start with a camera and lens quite a lot better than the Logitech C270.

Re: Cheap camera for photogrammetry rig - any thoughts?
April 29, 2022 07:47AM
... I'm using cameras and stereo-camera-pairs vrom Arducam - []

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