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3D Scanners, Book Scanners, and Optics

Building a SplineScanner or BookScanner? Using one, made it better? Your RepRap is a scanner? You just use a (video)camera to scan things? You make your own telescopes? Talk about it here. 
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Things to consider when looking for the best handheld 3D laser scanner prices

by BryonyMcneill
1,522 2 03/15/2021 08:56AM
Last Post by LeRoua

Software for Microsoft Windows 10

by zy400737
4,150 6 12/02/2019 07:11PM
Last Post by Dust

BQ Ciclop Scanner Issues

by Gazray4699
2,735 1 10/06/2019 04:13AM
Last Post by Gazray4699

3D Systems Sense Scanner

by rarena
8,740 9 09/25/2019 06:38AM
Last Post by SlimShady

I do not see the BQ Ciclop scanner in the usb devices. Attachments

by Steven Rude
3,160 2 05/01/2019 02:10AM
Last Post by Dust

BQ Ciclop 3D scanner   (Pages: 1 2)

by owens
16,991 40 04/30/2019 08:48PM
Last Post by Steven Rude

I do not see the BQ Ciclop scanner in the usb devices. Attachments

by Steven Rude
2,671 1 04/30/2019 06:17PM
Last Post by Steven Rude

3D Scanners Attachments

by dream
8,735 6 11/17/2017 08:47PM
Last Post by smith59

Structure VS Isense 3D scanners

by tmorris9
5,246 2 08/17/2017 06:23PM
Last Post by Waltermixx

3D Scanning

by trippleDim
4,468 2 08/03/2017 08:26AM
Last Post by smith59

Sardauscan a sub 30$ DIY 3D laser scanner Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by Sardaukar
14,220 43 08/03/2017 08:24AM
Last Post by smith59

I want to build a FreeLSS-based scanner

by av8r1
5,645 9 06/14/2017 09:54AM
Last Post by electronlove

DAVID-Laserscanner   (Pages: 1 2)

by Nil Einne
21,401 47 05/17/2017 02:23AM
Last Post by VDX

Raspberry scanning with bq ciclop

by aymanem
5,032 4 04/28/2017 11:17AM
Last Post by electronlove

Raspberry pi based scanner.

5,298 5 12/24/2016 08:04AM
Last Post by dave3d

Enlargement of the Delta printer

by talha10com
4,155 1 11/22/2016 01:48PM
Last Post by talha10com

Which scanner is good for human faces ?

by forgoden
4,535 3 10/28/2016 04:42PM
Last Post by dave3d

$99 3D Scanner on Kickstarter Attachments

by jasonddsmith
5,446 9 10/06/2016 04:14PM
Last Post by jasonddsmith

BQ Cyclops quality before buying

by audiobull
4,136 1 10/06/2016 12:01PM
Last Post by audiobull

3D scanner (raptor 3d) frame Attachments

by aymanem
4,541 1 06/02/2016 10:39AM
Last Post by aymanem

Rubicon scanner

by DjDemonD
4,004 2 04/09/2016 04:43PM
Last Post by BigBoxDriver

Kinect V2 Software

by Dreadnaught426
6,787 4 11/30/2015 07:24PM
Last Post by Schichtwerkstatt

Share a print & win a 3D scanner

by pinshape
4,311 2 11/30/2015 03:20PM
Last Post by dintid

Turning mobile phones into 3D scanners

by Heras
5,482 1 10/19/2015 05:41AM
Last Post by Heras

How use Kinect for 3D scanner (video tutorial)

by Heras
5,942 1 10/19/2015 05:27AM
Last Post by Heras

3D Scanner suggestions?

by sarf2k4
4,801 1 09/25/2015 08:56AM
Last Post by sarf2k4

help install kinect win

by boolat
4,335 2 07/18/2015 06:07PM
Last Post by boolat

Lauren here from Growshapes

by 3dscanit
4,645 1 07/15/2015 08:45PM
Last Post by 3dscanit

DIY 3D scanner

by Acerturne
5,071 2 07/12/2015 11:12AM
Last Post by GRAYWOLF

Rubicon 3D scanner   (Pages: 1 2)

by RogertT
10,656 31 06/03/2015 08:58PM