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Various mechanical questions about Mendel

Posted by ziplock 
Various mechanical questions about Mendel
October 17, 2009 10:30PM
I have a few questions about Mendel:

    * Is there a better supplier than McMaster Carr?
    * Can you use the extruder/skate bearings from the Makerbot website in Mendel?
    * Can you use a ballchain belt in Mendel?
    * Where's a good place to find 624 bearings? McMaster Carr charges SO MUCH for them!
    * Where can you find M5x20 or M4x20 Fender (Mudguard) washers? McMaster Carr only carries M10x20.
    * What's a good place to find NEMA 14/ NEMA 17 steppers on the cheap? The best I can find is the Makerbot store (NEMA 17 for ~$15)

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Re: Various mechanical questions about Mendel
October 18, 2009 10:09PM
1) Maybe. I check all over the place, Mcmaster carr, fastenall, MSC direct, ebay, local hardware store.
2) those are 608 bearings, so those should work for the 2 608's
3) I think they still need to be fabricated. Ask Vik.
4) www.vxb.com Buy them in 100 ct quantities and share with someone.
5) See #1. Given that M4 and #8 are dimensionally identical for clearance holes, this should work. A little small, but close. [www.mcmaster.com]
6) Makerbot is probably as cheap as you're going to get, but I'm not certain if it's standard footprint. [www.kelinginc.net] has some, but I haven't done the unit conversion to see if its got enough torque. Otherwise anaheim will be your option.
Re: Various mechanical questions about Mendel
October 19, 2009 01:17AM
Thanks! I'll be making rounds to HomeDepot and Lowes next weekend.
It also appears that Makerbot DOES have the cheapest steppers online. Awesome!
Oh, and one more question:

Is the Extruder Kit on the Makerbot store compatible with Mendel? (I.E, can I use those parts, plus a few printed ones, to build an extruder for Mendel)
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