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Hictop 3DP11 Z Axis Noise when Homing

Posted by BigDan 
Hictop 3DP11 Z Axis Noise when Homing
October 04, 2017 10:19AM
While performing a homing sequence, either G28 or G29, the Z axis squeaks quick badly; however during normal operation the printer is fine.
I have tried lubricating the bearings and screw guides on the Z axis with valve oil (trumpet type is what I had) and that works for a while, but quickly stops working after a day or so.
Since there is no noise during normal operation, I was wondering if there were G codes I could use prior to G28/G29 that will slow the Z axis down during homing to eliminate the squeak -- or if there is a readily available lubricant that would be better? (I have 10W30 and WD-40, but I don't want to damage the bearings, slide, or stepper -- not sure if those would be bad?)
Please advise. Thanks smiling smiley
Re: Hictop 3DP11 Z Axis Noise when Homing
October 04, 2017 09:41PM
M203 sets max feedrate. So use the below G code to set the max Z feedrate to 5 mm/s

M203 Z300 ; Set max Z feedrate to 5 mm/s

General G-code reference : Reprap G-Code

Marlin G-code reference : Marlin G-Code
Re: Hictop 3DP11 Z Axis Noise when Homing
October 05, 2017 09:09AM
Depending of the model of your 3DP1, you may have a 8 X 1.25MM lead screw that is using a 8m nut. If this is the case then the squeaking noise is cased because Coupler and lead screw are miss-aligned. If when homing the coupler wobbles then you can remedy this by wrapping the bottom of the lead screws with 1 layer is electrician tape, pressing them into the coupler then tighten. This will keep the lead screw spinning true and stop the squeaking.

Tape will not fit if you have a trapezoidal lead screw. Though if you have 3D Printed Z-Axis lead screw mounts when all four fastener are used in some cases it binds the nut against the lead screw, as in my case I used only 2 fasteners and as you can see use in different holes to align lead screw with the nuts.

WD40 is a degreaser cleaner, 10W30 is OK, Grease of any kind is to sticky and will cause missed steps. I would use a garage door silicone spray oil, located at any hardware store.

I personally upgraded to a TR8X2 lead screws this is a 8mm single start lead screw it has a pitch1 of 2mm. Unlike the TR8X8 which is a four start lead screw with a pitch1 of 8mm.

1Pitch = the distance traveled in a single turn.

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