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Firmware fix for direct drive

Posted by Tonokip 
Firmware fix for direct drive
February 01, 2010 01:09AM
In the current FiveD firmware SVN 3417

If MOTHERBOARD=1 (direct drive) in configuration.h then compiling fails with this error:

Error in extruder.pde
In member function 'void extruder::waitForTemperature()':
error: 'target_celcius' was not declared in this scope In function 'void process_string(char*, int)':
Changing the name to "target_celsius" fixes that error.

There is a new error because of the recently added M110 code for the extruder is meaningless on a direct drive firmware. It needs an #if to fix.

Error in process_g_code.pde
In function 'void process_string(char*, int)':
error: 'class extruder' has no member named 'usePotForMotor
case 110:

This now compiles for MOTHERBOARD=1

Now back to MOTHERBOARD=2 now has new errors with "target_celsius". Amazing that this error mutually exclusive!

In "extruder.h" two occurances of "target_celcius" should be replaced with "target_celsius"

Now there is no errors.
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