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Many Errors while compiling GCode_Interpreter

Posted by Vince 
Hi all,

I've big problems while compiling the code (Firmware FiveD_GCode_Interpreter).
The first one was that ardunio-0018 could not find the G-Code *.h-Files. I fixed that by adding the absolute-path to the #include-commands (e.g. #include "C:\RepRap\FiveD_GCode\extruder.h").
I think it's because I use Windows 7, but however, now the compiler seems to find the files.

Now I've the next big problem in line 43 (extruder* ex[EXTRUDER_COUNT]; ). The compiler says error: "expected constructer, destructer, or type conversation before '*' token.".
I scrolled through the extruder.h-File, because I think here's the problem, but I didn't find anything.

Please help me!
Hi again,

I found the error.. The extruder.h was defect, so I downloaded it again and now it works!
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