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Gen3 with DC extruder motor and gcdump?

Posted by Cblair 
Gen3 with DC extruder motor and gcdump?
August 12, 2010 06:04PM

I've got a set of Gen3 electronics with a pinch-wheel DC extruder, on a mendel (effectively the CupCake electronics and extruder bolted to mendel). They work (very limited testing ie. no extruding yet) with ReplicatorG firmware and host, however I would like to run the machine via gcdump for error checking and development purposes; for this it appears that I'd need 5D firmware (which I initially had installed and was running via reprap host with a stepper motor swapped for the DC extruder motor). It appears that 5D will not run a DC extruder motor. Pelrun made mention a while back about running a DC extruder motor with gcdump.

Is there firmware out there (other than ReplicatorG) that will run a DC extruder motor with Gen3? If not, I'll be starting a collection of information on modding reprap firmware to run a DC motor.

Thanks everyone!

Re: Gen3 with DC extruder motor and gcdump?
August 13, 2010 03:16PM
Some of the older RepRap firmwares will run with a DC extruder (I used several a few years ago), but it's not a great idea unless you've got an encoder on your dc motor - you have to spend a lot of time calibrating and recalibrating, and you never really know how much plastic your extruder is putting out. Plus there's the ooze problem... Have a look at the older firmwares in the sourceforge directories.
Re: Gen3 with DC extruder motor and gcdump?
January 20, 2011 02:36PM
So have you made any progress with this? I am also looking for alternative to RepG for operating mendel with DC motor extruder. Thanks
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