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EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance

Posted by friarfish 
EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance
September 29, 2015 02:39AM
Hi all,
after being introduced to the joys of config_adv.h i might have found what I want.
My setup on a ramps 1.4 is pretty stock with the hotend wired to screw down D10 and
the heated bed to D8.
My extruder cooling fan is to be wired to screw down D9.

If i enable in my config_adv.h
where xx is the pin on the 2560 driving the D9 mosfet,
does that mean the cooling fan,on D9, on the hotend will, theoretically,
turn on/off automatically.

I could just wire the cooling fan to the 12v but if a neater solution as temp
based switching, then I would like that,

Many thanks,
Re: EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance
September 29, 2015 05:37AM
I never tried it myself, but that's the purpose of this code section...
Now you can leave the printer powered on over night, without the fan(s) running.
Re: EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance
September 29, 2015 08:11AM
I'll give it a try tomorrow.
I guess if you hear a loud bang, well. :-(

Thanks Olaf.

Re: EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance
December 09, 2015 10:13AM

have you already tried that out? And if it worked, which pin number did you use for the D9 output?

Re: EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance
December 09, 2015 10:24AM
Sure this works. If you don't need a fan for cooling the filament simply insert a 9 for XX. Maybe you need to set the cooling FAN_PIN to -1 or use the

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Re: EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance
December 09, 2015 03:02PM
Danke Wurstnase! It works like a charm smiling smiley
Re: EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance
March 27, 2016 06:42AM
I tried this but I get a compiling error: #error "You cannot set EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN equal to FAN_PIN"

I simply changed




Any ideas?


Never mind found the problem. I had the wrong motherboard selected. 33 and 34 RAMPS have different pin assigments.

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Re: EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance SOLVED
March 28, 2016 08:17AM
just doing the paper work and closing up the office
Re: EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance
June 22, 2016 12:18PM

I soldered a 2-pin header on D2 as this was mentioned in [reprap.org] . I have read now that D2 is connected directly to 12v. This means as soon as you power up the setup the extruder fan blows at freaking full speed. (Should be mentioned in this wiki)

Question: I want to use D9 for the fan to cool the extruded filament and another fan for the extruder body cooling it down using the auto fan feature. Which pin could I use on a RAMPS 1.4?

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Re: EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance
June 22, 2016 04:14PM
Get a RAMPS fan controller to control additional fans. Do an ebay search for "ramps fan" and you'll find a bunch. Then you can use gcode to turn it on/off.
Re: EXTRUDER_0_AUTO_FAN_PIN function guidance
August 29, 2017 01:41PM
hey everyone

i could not solve this problem by myself. maybe i screwed up something in the config...

my extruder fan is on D2. Now it is running all the time.
i think, once it turned on just about 50°C, like it should.
what could be wrong? the layer fan on D9 works, as it should.

should i change something in this line?

#define E0_AUTO_FAN_PIN -1

setup is standard, i think. ramps 1.4

thank you, for your help smiling smiley
open | download - Configuration.h (65 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (47.2 KB)
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