Prusa Firmware... how to add dual z steppers and maybe endstops
August 08, 2018 03:12AM

I'm trying to add support for Ramps on the mk3 branch of prusa firmware. I took the einsy pin file and modded it to match a ramps board, of course i also renamed my copy so it better descripe what it is

that is not the hardest part and of course my "mod" will also assume that 2130 drivers are fitted

but one thing i dont like much is how prusa "level" the x axis by driving Z up and just ramming it in the top mounts, like on my current mendel90 i use dual z drivers and dual z endstops so its a soft stop :-D

are there any programmers/coders that could tell me what files to look at?

all i have to compare with is this copy: []

but that was from before the mk3 was born
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