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Is my Melzi controller board fried?

Posted by junkelsplitsy 
Is my Melzi controller board fried?
September 01, 2013 03:25PM
Can anyone point me to any resources I could use to diagnose whether my Melzi controller board is fried? I posted previously (http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?151,240161) with some ongoing problems and all signs seem to be pointing to my controller board being done for.

1) Intermittant loss of control: In pronterface, I'll tell the X axis to move +10 thrice, get no response from the printer yet POS (M114) will get me SENDING:M114
X:-48.000Y:-10.000Z:0.000E:0.000 Count X:0.000Y:0.000Z:0.000 (before move commands)
X:-18.000Y:-10.000Z:0.000E:0.000 Count X:0.000Y:0.000Z:0.000 (after move commands)
Then I'll send the command again (a fouth time) and it will jog over as asked, and M114 will continue to reflect such.

2) For the majority of move commands to the Z axis motor, the servo will spin ~1/2 a turn, stop, then ~1/2 turn over and over until it gets to the intended destination (i.e., home @ endstop) or until it arbitrarily decides to stop on its own volition. Whiney noises.

3) sometimes I'll tell the x axis to move and the y axis motors will engage instead. Sometimes Z & X will engage simultaneously. No rhyme or reason to it.

I've attempted to decrease and increase power to the servo via the trimpots on the melzi and still get problems. I am going to try a different usb cord maybe a rat bit it. I don't think I have rats though. Previous post had a youtube clip of some issues, is that useful to any of you supergenerous and helpful community members that might be reading this and trying to help a brotha out?

Also, please excuse my bad manners if this post ought to be in another topic, i'm new here
Re: Is my Melzi controller board fried?
September 10, 2013 11:42AM
Hi junkelsplitsy

It certainly isn't behaving correctly. It sounds like you have done most of the tests I would usually expect. It's possible that the firmware settings have got corrupted, which you can set back to default by sending the following to the Melzi in Pronterface:
(lots of text in the log window)
("Settings stored")
Then press the reset button on the Melzi.

Test the motor movement. If you continue to have problems, email me: support at reprappro dot com.

RepRapPro tech support
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