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Opto endstop mounting picture request

Posted by jkeegan 
Opto endstop mounting picture request
April 23, 2010 07:55PM

So,the pictures in the installation are sometimes wrong, and I'm unsure about them with respect to the opto endstop mountings.

I think I have the x-axis one right, with the opto sensor on the bottom pointing towards the rear of the device, and a bolt in the bottom hole, head at the rear of the Mendel, nut at the front.

The z axis one is pretty straightforward too, because of the picture (the CAD drawing has the board drawn differently/wrong.

But the y axis one baffles me. I think I installed the endstop correctly, but it barely reaches the endstop, and it's not clear how it's intended to be mounted. I don't trust the CAD drawing. I tried gleaming it from Adrian'a wiring video but can't quite make it out.

I know I can just cut an appropriate new thin sheet that's bigger, and I know I can figure out a working solution, but I'm curious how it was INTENDED that it mount.


--Jeff Keegan (Just Another RepRap blog)
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