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[WORK AROUND IN PLACE] Mendel 3 "pulsing" at round edges

Posted by slackcub 
[WORK AROUND IN PLACE] Mendel 3 "pulsing" at round edges
May 25, 2015 11:44PM
Hello everyone, not quite sure how to describe what I'm seeing, so I'm including some pictures

I just recently got a Mendel 3, and finished putting it together this weekend. Everything seemed to be going ok, at least for the calibration parts, and i tried printing the coat hook. Everything seemed to be ok. But then today I tried printing a couple of round parts, and I seem to have hit an issue.

My printer seems to "pulse" as it's going around a curve. There is a very small pattern of excess filament followed by thin filament. Has anyone seen this before? I'm guessing that because it's very consistent in how the irregularities are laid out it's not something physical.

I've tried printing several different items, all with the same result.

Here are some versions:

firmware version 1.09
slic3r version 1.1.7

This is what the skirt looked like. Clear view of the "pulsing". This is three rounds of skirt

This is what a round piece looks like. Almost like gear teeth on the perimeter.

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Re: Mendel 3 "pulsing" at round edges
May 27, 2015 02:01AM
Looks like this was actually a problem with pronterface. When I used the web interface to print, everything went smoothly. I guess I'll just be using that from now on.
Re: [WORK AROUND IN PLACE] Mendel 3 "pulsing" at round edges
May 27, 2015 07:19AM
Print from SD cards for the highest possible reliability.
Re: [WORK AROUND IN PLACE] Mendel 3 "pulsing" at round edges
June 09, 2015 04:52AM
Hi slackcub

It's because you're printing directly from Pronterface, but using the wrong settings. Use the 'ormerod.cmd' start script; the mendel.sh is actually for our old version of the Mendel, using Melzi electronics. The way the Melzi and the Duet communicate is different (it's the serial flow control, I think), so the Duet ends up stuttering as you send the gcode. If you use the 'ormerod.cmd', flow control is set correctly, and it will print smoothly. Ideally, print from the SD card - it's more reliable; your printer won't stop when you accidentally disconnect the USB, or your computer goes to sleep!

I need to update the 'software' folder; it is using quite an old version of Slic3r, and the startup scripts need updating, and correctly naming.

RepRapPro tech support
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