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Catalyst Mendel continued development

Posted by KrisC 
Re: Catalyst Mendel continued development
December 09, 2010 05:25PM
hello, i am doing an update on firmware that includes a change with serial TX buffering. that seems to be where a lot of issues are coming from.

I am following what is going on with replicatorg development as well to determine compatibility. also FYI i have included a link to 5donarduino drivers on my web page as well.

thanks for the feedback,

Re: Catalyst Mendel continued development
December 13, 2010 02:45AM
hello, in response the latest version of reprap host does not work. i am not sure if it is because of check sum generation.

use a version before march. [sourceforge.net] and be sure to set the baud rate to what it says for the firmware choice.

In the mean time I've ordered a few 328s to play with (been rid of 328's since mega..)

I will compile the mega release version for the 328. i will release the update with pin compatibility asap, I am hoping to have it done next week sometime. the current firmware uses approx 26k, arduino 328 has room to spare still.

if i don't update the forum next week, contact me at jamesdanielv@msn.com and i will help you out.

Re: Catalyst Mendel continued development
December 18, 2010 05:08AM
Hey james, good to see you around.

Thought I would mention that I am now running FiveD on Arduino and have downgraded back to the duemilanove and seem to have everything working. Some calibration is in order, but triffid's branch has got everything needed. I'm hoping he'll be ready for an official release soon.

As for the host, replicatorg version 0022 is looking promising. The printer successfully went through a full print without freezing up or moving too far along any of the axes. This was without the heater and extruder mind you, but far better than I've managed with any other fived firmware.

I'll post an update tomorrow, and share some pictures and video.

Re: Catalyst Mendel continued development
December 21, 2010 06:30AM
here is the version of reprap code modified to fit and run in the memory limitations of the arduino 328. the code size is 26k. I think the code works in less than 2k of ram now. i need still to also do a ram size analysis. all i know for sure is the arduino seems happy and is talking with reprap host, error free. you can change the baud if you want, i was using a safe 19200. also change the movement size to match your machine. the pinout should be the same as the catalyst.


keep in mind this is beta, and needs some serious testing. i have it working on arduino 328, but it needs verified and double checked for pin compatibility. also motor settings need to be calibrated before use. i really just hacked the code to work from mega, fit the code and memory usage down to arduino, so the code is messy, but it should at least work.

the file is a huge download and includes reprap host. find firmware folder, and navigate to mendel-20100806_arduinocompatible\reprap-mendel-20100806\mendel\firmware\arduino_328 and find the firmware there. it -i think anyway-- it works on 328 now... with check-sum support! smiling smiley
Re: Catalyst Mendel continued development
December 21, 2010 08:54AM
you will want to temporarily disable end stops in firmware configuration. i will need to add support in the code for pull up resistors to be enabled and test end stops, probably in the next two days. FYI...
Re: Catalyst Mendel continued development
January 01, 2011 06:59PM
Well, as I promised several months ago I'm attaching photos of my modified extruder.
This uses a hobbed bolt similar to the one in Wade's extruder. I made a tensioning arm out of a small piece of 1/4 inch sheet metal. A small spring on a guide arm applies the force through the arm which has a bearing bolted to it. Aside from the arm, the rest of the design is unmodified from James's original.
This setup has worked very well for extruding ABS at 10mm/s

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