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Skeinforge Powwow

Posted by Enrique 
Re: Skeinforge Powwow
November 04, 2009 03:02PM

Thank you very much for the offer to set up a file storage place.

I'm going to try some more to find a reprap related forum which allows big files to move the skeinforge powwow to. If I do not find one in the next few days, I'll ask you to set up the file storage place.

The viewers have a close menu option, however, because there were no menu accelerator keys the typical 'Ctrl-W' to close the window did not work. Wade also ran into this issue. So I've added menu accelerator bindings to the menus in the latest version at:


Thanks for sending the settings. Even with them I was not able to reproduce the bug.

From your error trace, it looks like the fillet procedure worked. So try deactivating everything after that, by deselecting their 'Activate..' check buttons. The craft tools that are called after fillet can be found in the getCraftSequence() function in the help documentation for extrusion. They are the following:

Also, the analyze tools are called, so deactivate all the analyze tools.

Once you've done all this, you should get an output file. Then reenable the tools one by one until you find the hanging tool or tools. I would guess because of sheer complexity the problem is likely in behold or skeinview, but only experiment can make sure.

At that point, you can just avoid the hanging tool. If you want to persevere, put in a lot of print statements to find out were it is hanging, and if you can fix it send me the fix. If you can not, but can localize it to a tiny code area, send that to me.


Unfortunately my plans about adding hatch-lines have been pushed back many months beyond my earlier many months estimate because of other feature requests. Maybe in 2011sad smiley



In general, if people want a feature bumped up the todo list, contribute to skeinforge in some way, some suggestions are at:

and I'll bump that feature up the list. The current list is very roughly from the requests of those who are contributing.
Re: Skeinforge Powwow
November 07, 2009 04:06AM
This announcement and discussion thread is being moved to my blog at:

If you have any questions, suggestions, bug reports that would be posted here, in future please add them to the comments of my most recent blog post.

For convenience, the latest blog post is copied below, in future I'll only post them at the fabmetheus.

The latest skeinforge is attached, on my website at:

and in subversion at:

The Chamber tool has been added, to send temperature settings to a heated bed or chamber. The 'Temperature of Bed' preference sets the temperature of the bed by sending an M109 command, the default is 60.0. The 'Temperature of Chamber' preference sets the temperature of the chamber by sending an M110 command, the default is 30.0.

Kulitorum has made a heated bed. It is a 5mm Alu sheet with a pattern laid out in kapton tape. The wire is a 0.6mm2 Konstantin wire and it's held in place by small pieces of kapton tape. The description and picture is at:

In my opinion, it is a brilliant design. The best thing about it is that the components it uses, kapton tape and heater wire, are already on the reprap parts list, so reprappers might already have them and if they don't they'll able to order some easily. I don't know if the tape and heater wire can be added to existing acrylic or MDF beds, but hopefully someone will try it out.

The 'Infill Perimeter Overlap' setting in inset has been moved to fill. The 'Extrusion Width over Thickness' setting in inset has been moved to fill and renamed 'Infill Width over Thickness'. So you'll have to reenter those settings in fill when switching to this version, if you have changed them from the defaults.

In some versions over the last months, the mouse tools didn't work properly, they're now fixed.
open | download - reprap_python_beanshell.zip (608.2 KB)
Re: Skeinforge Powwow
November 22, 2011 11:22PM
Profile Milling, End mill

If you get failure like: limitskein instance has no attribute maximumztravelfeedrate, maximumztraveldrillrate, deactivate limit, the limits are set allready in Feed.

Where to find more about milling with Skeinforge?

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