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Pronterface Problem

Posted by ksmith5135 
Pronterface Problem
February 14, 2012 12:10PM
First the configuration:

  • Classic Mendel Hardware
  • Sanguinololu Electronics
  • Techzone Opto-endstops
  • Pronterface host software (the latest one, circular control interface)
  • Slic3r slicing software, integrated with pronterface.
  • Sprinter firmware

I believe that everything is wired up correctly. The endstops have their LED's glowing and they stop glowing if I block the opto sensor. I do not have the pullup resistors enabled in the configuration file.

Here's the problem. I can jog all three of the axis and they move both directions correctly but, when I hit one of the home buttons, the axis just jerks back and forth where it is sitting. Also, blocking the endstops doesn't seem to have any effect. I can still jog the axis in both directions.

On a final note - I tried using an older version of Pronterface just to see if it was the version but exactly the same thing happened so I believe it is in the firmware..

Any suggestions, oh wise and witty forum members? (I need the wisdom more than the wit at the moment) :-)
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