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Clunking steppers at end of move command DRV8825

Posted by alan richard 
Clunking steppers at end of move command DRV8825
March 20, 2015 08:34AM

I have an issue with X & Y movement on a coreXY machine.
I'd previously had no problem with A4988 drivers at the same speed.
I (embarrased) fried my RAMPS board and steppers and replaced them with DRV8825 steppers, set at 1/32 step

If I issue a pronterface 100mm move command, Feedrate at anything over 7500mm/m -it travels fine, but at the end of its travel it makes a nasty kind of 'clunk' and travels on another 2 or 3 mm. Maybe one motor stops and the other does not.

I've swapped the stepper drivers several times with the same effect. I don't think its a dodgy driver. I've tuned and tuned.

I tried to switch it from 1/32 to 1/6 stepping but was not able. Using the jumpers as suggested doesn't give me the correct stepping.

(I had asked in RAMPS about setting 1/16 RAMPS)

Saying that, even 1/8 stepping was giving me the same result

Here's a brief movie YouTube that doesn't really convey the true nasty crunch of it

If anyone has any suggestions please comment.


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