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Auto bed leveling servo issue

Posted by Stoica 
Auto bed leveling servo issue
September 30, 2016 06:31PM
Hi all

I have a prusa i3 and recently i tried to add autobed leveling option... Printed my parts ... Scavaged electronics and put all togheder but 2 issues

And if you please help me

1. If everything is stationari M401 and M402 work perfectly
If i moove my axes.. The servo jumps a little bit and get back. Only when other axes are moved ... This sent me to queation 2

2. I had sent m49/m29 commnad for auto bed leveling.. Every thing is ok util first measurement.... Every time is going in the same point and moves only on z ... The measured value ia noth the same as the previus... Does not go two the seccond point

Anyone with the same issues

Kind regars
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