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HyperCube OverKill Build Log

Posted by gtj 
Re: HyperCube OverKill Build Log
March 05, 2018 02:14PM
The cooling air would then have to pass by all the cables in the silicone tube? Or is it a tube_in_tube design?
Same for the filament. You don't want to cover it in dust from the hotend fan, before it enters the hotend...( well, that's probably beens counting )

I'm still thinking about designs here. My original idea was to use 1 flexible plastic cable carrier that had 2 separate bores in it. Use 1 bore for each air stream with the cables in one and the filament in the other. Kinda like this: [www.igus.com]. They're expensive though and not designed for actually carrying air. Then I though about using the silicone tubing. The nice thing about having the fans remote is that I can filter the air and if I do need to heat the enclosure, I can pump in cool air to cool the hotend instead of blowing heated air from the chamber over it. If I really wanted to go the "overkill" route, I could also duct the air back out the part cooling duct since in a heated chamber you wouldn't be using part cooling anyway. So much to o think about. smiling smiley

The filament will be enclosed in its own tube. I plan on usung a Flex3Drive : [flex3drive.com]
Re: HyperCube OverKill Build Log
March 20, 2018 07:51PM
Well, I think I've gotten as far with the XY Gantry as I can at this point.

It might be a little hard to see but the cross rails have aluminum trusses bolted or riveted to them and with that, I can place 1kg block of PVC on the center tool carrier and get no measurable deflection in the Z axis.
Yeah I sacrificed in the mass aspect but I have to draw a line in the sand somewhere until I can get a working Z axis and test for real.

The corner brackets are now a single monolithic element made of heat treated carbon fiber. No twist and no flex.

I forgot to take pics before I dismounted the dial gauge and remounting it was too much trouble.
In every test I did though, I got better than 0.03mm deviation from expected return position. Whether that will hold up in real use I won't know until I get the Z axis working.

Speaking of Z axis, well the frame anyway.
You can see (kinda) how the XY Gantry slides into the top of the frame and rests on the shelf. It'll be bolted in of course.

That's a lot of aluminum so it may be a while before the budget allows purchasing. I also have to decide just how much clearance to allow. The outside dimensions of the gantry are exactly 500x500 but if I order the frame with the exact same inside dimensions it's not going to fit. 1mm clearance?, 2mm? Thoughts?

I've been thinking about using 3 ball screws for the print bed. One in the back center, and one each in the front corners. In this image, "front" is on the right. The printable area is 335x335 with this configuration but I think the bed size will be 375x375.

Here are some gratuitous IR images that are pretty cool. smiling smiley

You can see the center tool platform all the way on the left. I do actually want to jog the axes back and forth at 350mm/sec for a few hours and watch for friction heat buildup.

One of the motors. You can see the cables heating up as well.

And finally, the Smoothie drivers working hard.

Speaking of the Smoothieboard, I've decided to use the Duet 2 Ethernet instead of the Smoothie since it has the Duex expander boards ready to go. That will give me 10 TCM2660 drivers..
I was very happy with the Smoothieboard so I'm going to use it to replace the guts of my Monoprice IIIp.
Re: HyperCube OverKill Build Log
March 21, 2018 10:13PM
Hi, I really like your build! I am considering a cross style XY gantry for my future printer build as well.
Re: HyperCube OverKill Build Log
March 22, 2018 08:43AM
Hi, I really like your build! I am considering a cross style XY gantry for my future printer build as well.

Thanks! I'm watching your lead screw based ideas!
Re: HyperCube OverKill Build Log
May 24, 2018 10:32AM
Well, I got a 66lb/30kg shipment of aluminum extrusions yesterday and that means it's time to build for real.
Since this thread was more about prototyping, I'm going to start a new one for the actual build and I'm re-christening the project "Black Beauty".
Re: HyperCube OverKill Build Log
January 01, 2020 09:10AM
Any update here?
Re: HyperCube OverKill Build Log
January 01, 2020 09:48AM
Any update here?

Carefully read the last post before yours winking smiley

Re: HyperCube OverKill Build Log
April 08, 2021 08:50PM
I've always wondered about the Igus rail. Did you move it around enough to measure backlash, slop or repeatability? I've heard others that tried a similar Igus rail say that it wasn't good for the application. I'm hard headed though and think that any slop should be adjusted out. Maybe a spring loaded mechanism or something if it doesn't decrease rigidity.

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