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Multiple Extruders for a Delta

Posted by ChicagoNative 
Multiple Extruders for a Delta
April 23, 2015 12:50AM
I would like to build my next Delta. I currently have a Rostock Max v2, but would like to build something a little larger and with multiple extruders.

Are there boards out there that will drive a delta and three extruders, including support for pushing larger external stepper motor drivers?

Any suggestions/recommendations appreciated.

Re: Multiple Extruders for a Delta
April 23, 2015 03:31AM
You can try a RUMBA board

You only learn when you change your mind.
Re: Multiple Extruders for a Delta
April 23, 2015 03:52AM
For a delta I strongly advise 32-bit electronics, even more so if you want to drive multiple extruders. Why the requirement for external stepper drivers - is there a reason you need to use something larger than Nema17?

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Re: Multiple Extruders for a Delta
April 23, 2015 12:15PM
The reason for external drivers is that I am just tinkering with the idea of using closed loop stepper motors (don't even know if it is possible). Plus, I would like to know that I have that option should I find that the added mass of the larger build require larger motors and more amperage than I can get from the built in or plug in stepper driver modules.

I would love to work with 32bit.
Re: Multiple Extruders for a Delta
May 27, 2015 08:12PM
yea, go with an ARM board. I switched and haven't looked back.

Something that builds from an Arduino Due, you can start with ramps-FD for the cheap and quick and dirty learning and experimenting. if you want an all-in one board, smoothieboard, alligator board (what I used) and Duet are all good ARM options, depends after that what you want. reprap wiki site has a page out there for comparing the current boards.

larger motors, or amperage over 20A, you might consider MOSFETs; at that point, not sure where you could go or for what purpose something so big, unless you plan on extruding metal or mud smiling smiley

one more edit: for what it's worth, i'm with dc42; I'm unsure the purpose of closed loop steppers would add to the benefit, what your thoughts were. my feeble searches drew up some interesting costs and knowing what my motors can do now, i'm not so sure I need what they claim they are offering....

I have nema 17 400 step motors, 67oz/in torque, stepped to 1/32, and they handle quite fine... a bit on the hot side, and that's frequency settings, but fine nonetheless...

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