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blt3dp's mostly metal delta build - AKA Metal Gear

Posted by blt3dp 
Re: FA-MAS mostly metal delta build - AKA Metal Gear
March 19, 2019 06:55PM
Now here's a question, is it reasonable to need to print PLA @ 230C when you're printing 90 mm/sec through a 0.4 mm hardened steel nozzle?
Re: blt3dp's mostly metal delta build - AKA Metal Gear
June 23, 2019 04:35PM
Just thought I'd post an update. I had originally used the idlers and bearings from some spare Robotdigg vertices. I was having problems with them because the "pulley" part of it was too "perfect" on the belt. The flanges measured exactly 6 mm apart and the edges of the belt and sometimes the teeth would grind on them. It left it making a noise as if you were to strum the belt. It also was creating a fine powder of rubber dust that was falling down. Here's the idlers before.

I've gone through multiple iterations, using actual idlers with bearings in them, doing it like dc42's where there are nuts on either side of the idler as well as on either side of the bearings. I tried with spacers and nuts in all different places. I was finding that regardless, somewhere the M3 bolt was chattering on whatever bearing, be it the one in the idler or the ones on either end and it was actually cutting threads into the bearings. This was actually making metal powder fall down.

I went through multiple different iterations of my final design using metal parts and printed parts and finally came to this. Mounted bearings with a d-shaft and a regular pulley. Works so much better, no rubber or metal, and no chattering.

Edit, these bearings have set screws that fix the shaft in place.

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