will this thermistor work?
February 09, 2012 03:40AM
Well on my quest to get the parts I got everthing together except for the round wirewould 5ohm 5w resistor (well I got 5ohm 5w sand ones that could do if I build it right)
and well thermistors are one thing I'm missing completly. thing is mouser shipping costs are kinda high and they dun except paypal (I have some money in there).
so wondering if this thermistor would workebay
there is a link for the data sheet and I was wondering if that one would work the only 100k thermistors I could find are painted gold yellow black brown (2 for a buck) but I have no data on these at all and I have no clue how to identify these and wonder if they are even feasible.
the other chice I have are these now these are 2x 500k thermistors however I have not figured out how to track a datasheet from a 1976 product just yet, but veco made military and satellite grade stuff and those glass beads look more hopeful than anything else I could track down at all electronics or amptron here in LA.
so I wonder would these do if I can disasemble the 2 probe assemmbly at 500k ohm I dunno if the atmega can even register the temp confused smiley
so what can I do besides wait till march to order from mouser again.

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Re: will this thermistor work?
February 09, 2012 04:07AM
found an old data sheet if I can match the thermistor up that would be good however I can tell you two things veco glass beads are usually rated for 325C 550C intermittant so there tuff
anyways now I need to figure out some values and find out if it will work. at 0C it's like 750 k ohm and room temp what ever that is right now 471k at body temp about 350 to 320k that would be about 37C and I've gotten it to about 20 ohm ( i think maybe 20k) holding it next to a lighter flame.
will have to investigate further but woulf a 500k ntc thermistor if I can find out the values be feasible?
BTW here's the link to the data sheet datasheet veco

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