Image2Gcode ... Draw line art with your 3D printer.
September 30, 2014 11:20AM
Finally dusting up my programming skills and using it with 3D printing!! smiling bouncing smiley
Using a 3D printer/CNC with a pen attached to the moving head, the goal was to draw/generate a line art representation of a photo as shown below. I developed and wrote the code which converts any solid black image to Gcode. The link to the script can be found below.

To do this you need to

1) Attach a pen/pencil to your printer
2) Prepare your image/photo
3) Convert the Image2gcode
4) Run the gcode on the 3D printer/ CNC

Link to convert your black/white image 2 gcode here...Image2gcode

Still at the development stage!! ... please send me comments, suggestions for improvement and report bugs here.
"Line art"...not sure that the proper name if you have a better name please share.

Will love to see what you draw (if you can share them here cool smiley)

More detail procedure can be found on my blog here
Re: Image2Gcode ... Draw line art with your 3D printer.
October 08, 2014 09:57PM
nice work!!
Re: Image2Gcode ... Draw line art with your 3D printer.
October 17, 2014 12:27PM
Iˋm working same but different way.
My goal is doing a prusa i3 with standar configuration (no firmware modification) to draw from a jpg file.

This is the first success atemp. Drawing with reprap

Sorry for my bad English.

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