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Belt Securing Method - wanted opinion

Posted by zzing 
Belt Securing Method - wanted opinion
May 20, 2020 02:43AM
I am designing a new carriage for my printer (corexy) and I wanted to come with with a simpler method of tensioning belts. I believe I saw a method similar to this method, but not sure if it is quite in this configuration.

In this, the belt is looped in and a screw (M4) is placed in. It appears very secure.

But I am not sure if there are any issues that I am not considering in it.
Re: Belt Securing Method - wanted opinion
May 20, 2020 02:20PM
looks perfectly suitable
Re: Belt Securing Method - wanted opinion
May 31, 2020 08:04PM

I like the look of it, nice and simple. I hadn’t considered this method on my builds because it would orientate the belts incorrectly for my set up or I would need some sort of bracket arrangement.

I assume there is an internal shoulder that holds the bracket in place via the M4 screw? The only question would be how tight is the belt around the screw? Does it introduce any backlash?

I like the idea and may try and see if I can find a way of using it on my next build.......better finish mk3 1st

Re: Belt Securing Method - wanted opinion
June 01, 2020 10:14PM
I had a similar belt anchor on one of my printers. The issues I had were (1) the clamp tended to open over time (you need to print it with thick sides), (2) you need good accuracy on the print (too tight and the two belts won't fit in the slot, too loose and they slip). It would be a good idea to chamfer the edges of the slot to make it easier to get the belts in. Presumably the M4 socket cap screw also functions to stop the belt from walking back out of the slot. You will also need some kind of belt tensioning mechanism.

A similar idea I've seen is to loop the belt around an anchor, and use a cable tie to clamp the end back to the belt.
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