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Huxley Heatbed no GND connection.

Posted by adilmalik 
Huxley Heatbed no GND connection.
June 30, 2013 11:54AM
So ive finally set up my Huxley all ready to go. But the heatbed doesnt seem to work...Ive checked all the connections and found all of them to be fine, the thermistor has a resistance of around 93 K ohms so i think thats alright too, but the head bed still wont function.

According to the build instructions the inner most pin on the heatbed is supposed to be GND, using a multimeter i checked that it is not connected to the GND of the 19v power supply. I think that is the reason why the MOSFET isnt turning on and the PCB not heating up.

Im confused now, what should i do to fix this :/
Re: Huxley Heatbed no GND connection.
July 03, 2013 10:53AM
Innermost (furthest away from you on heatbed) wire goes at right connection of btemp on Melzi board see attachment. Wire that is closest to you when looking at heatbed goes nowhere.
open | download - inermost.jpg (105.2 KB)
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