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Reprappro Huxley 19v power supply

Posted by slice396 
Reprappro Huxley 19v power supply
October 21, 2013 03:32PM

Im almost done building my reprappro huxley. but now i have a problem with the power supply and i cant find any solutions on google.

When i connect the printer to my pc and start heating both the hot end and the heated bed together the power supply turns off. when i only heat the hot end or the heated bed it works. so i think it is my power supply.

I use a 19V 6,32A power supply. i think i need a higher Ampere. but im not totally sure. and i cant find any power supply able to get a higer ampere without lowering the voltage. I found a lot of 12V 20A power supply's...

What kind of power supply do i need to power my huxley? And would it be a problem if i use a 12V 20A power supply?

Re: Reprappro Huxley 19v power supply
October 21, 2013 06:01PM

This is the same question asked by roady001 in a recent threadsad smiley [forums.reprap.org] ). As far as I know, a 12V 20A power supply would be sufficient. Your power supply is likely maxing out and shutting down on a safety switch.

The higher amperage will require attention to the wiring when connecting the power supply to the controller board. Plugs and sockets for laptop bricks must match; and 12V dedicated or ATX power supplies are often adapted with multiple wires in parallel to the input connection on the controller board in order to prevent overheating. -Phuzzy
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