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[solved] Filament boils, temp never shows above 180

Posted by mikerr 
[solved] Filament boils, temp never shows above 180
May 17, 2015 07:18PM
Today halfway through printing my reprap suddenly overheated (I smelled burning PLA)
and the pla is bubbling/boiling off the hotend.

So I stop/turn off the printer, clean the hotend, and turn it back on.

Now pronterface reports the temperature won't go above 175 degrees,
but the hotend is clearly hotter than the sun as the filament just boils and burns (300 ?)

Is this just the thermistor ? I understood that would show -273 or something if it failed...

[edit] OK I'm an idiot, the thermistor had moved slightly outside the hotend,
but I couldn't easily see that because of the heatshrink tubing...

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