mid project system failure causes pattern baldness in operatoreye popping smiley
December 26, 2014 01:54PM
Hello all,
I have successfully run more than 10 kilos of pla through my printer velleman k8200 since building it 7 months ago, thanks in no small part to this forum. There have been no mods or replacement of electronics to this point, with the exception of a beefier power supply.

Prior to this bizarre failure, the printer would home smoothly on all axes but when trying to print the machine sounded like it was grinding rocks. Print started on the wrong part of the bed and extreeme vibration throughout.


1) NONE of the motors run.
2) heaters work as does fan control
3) all motors work when driven via an external arduino shield.
4) Limit switches all have continuity to the controller
5) vmot and vdd present on all motor drivers
6) no burned looking or smelling components
7) all motor drivers remain at original calibration points as measured.

The pattern baldness is being caused by "tearing out my hair " being faced with a deadline and a dead printer.

Any help would be appreciated.

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