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Multiple Heatbeds

Posted by andybandy 
Multiple Heatbeds
June 11, 2015 07:10AM

I'd like to use two heatbeds for a little project and connect them to a RAMPS 1.4 controller.

Could it cause any problems if I connect a heatbed instead of an extruder? (no extruder needed for that project)

Re: Multiple Heatbeds
June 11, 2015 08:08AM
The extruder output is fed from +12V via the 5A fuse, so it can't provide the amount of current typically needed by a bed heater.

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Re: Multiple Heatbeds
June 11, 2015 09:30AM
Depending on what your intended use is, you might be able to work around the limitation dc42 mentioned. You could directly hook up the heated beds to your power source bypassing the RAMPS board and just use the RAMPS board to switch the power. If you did this, you'd need to ensure that both beds weren't powered at the same time as you'd likely burn a trace and/or melt a connector. They just aren't rated for drawing twice the current.

If you need both beds powered at the same time, or want the safer option, just use an external mechanical or solid state relay to switch the power, controlling them with the RAMPS board.
Re: Multiple Heatbeds
June 11, 2015 03:48PM
Depending on the power requirements of the two heatbeds, you might be able to wire them in parallel to the same output?
Re: Multiple Heatbeds
June 12, 2015 07:07AM
If you are electronically inclined you could grab some new FETS and wire one up to an aux port on the board. change the pins in firmware to tell it what to switch and then you'll have 2 individually controllable heated beds.
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