Generic boards???
October 07, 2015 05:14PM
I've got a Folgertech Prusa v3 with a RAMPS board from "" certainly a Chinese manufacturer. Well, I'm not sure if it died, or the Mega board died, but when I plugged it in this AM to work on the printer, nothing. No power light on the mega, and the computer wasn't even recognizing the board. Could both boards have gone bad?? If so, how can I check them?? Tried to reset the Mega with reset switch...nothing. The RAMPS reset switch doesn't do anything either.
If I have to replace one or both boards, does anyone have suggestions on a decent board??
Folgertech is out of RAMPS 1.4 boards. Are these interchangable?? Are RAMPS boards all the same?? Any help would be appreciated.
FYI, Folgertech has been very good about answering questions as I've moved through the build, but I'd like to find a few in this case where I can even buy a new board from them.
Re: Generic boards???
October 07, 2015 10:29PM
I had the same issue with my Folger tech ramps and arduino. When you power just the arduino from the dc in connector (the round one) do any lights come on? if not it could be a bad 5v regulator which was what was bad on mine, You can confirm this by checking if it powers up correctly running on usb. To correct this you have to remove the 5v regulator and solder a new one on. I would recommend getting a new Arduino and Ramps to be sure. All Ramps pin outs are the same, but the quality is not. I would recommend this board. I have been using this board on my printer for months and it solved all of the issues i had with my Bigtree-tech Ramps 1.4. I also bought this Arduino Mega to connect the Ramps to. I would ditch the folgertech stuff. Buy yourself a new Ramps and Arduino for 35-40 USD from a reputable dealer who is good with returns if you get a bad board.

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