Hotend not heating up. 30V DC off D10?
October 25, 2015 02:35PM
Hey all....After finally getting my Mendel I2 printing beautifully, my RAMPS 1.4 is giving me trouble. Hotend won't heat up at all.

LED is on on the RAMPS board, when I send the command to heat up the hotend (Heated bed heating normally). I checked the voltage coming off the D10 terminals, and it's showing 30V DC. Sounds like the MOSFET is blown? Haven't had to tinker with my RAMPS board at all since setting it up (bought it pre-assembled).

EDIT: Seems It is 12V after all....Read my crappy multimeter wrong.

I did check the connectivity of the wires form the hotend to the board, and they are in tact.

Any thoughts / suggestions welcome.


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Re: Hotend not heating up. 30V DC off D10?
October 25, 2015 07:38PM
If your reading correct voltage on D10 then unless its over heating (ie can't turn off) the MOSFET is fine

Most likely your heat source (Nichrome wire, resistor or heater cartridge) is dead.

Unplug it from your board and read the resistance from the plug end of the cable threw the heating element back to the other pin of the plug.. If its open circuit, it dead or broken wire.

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