MKS Board and Display
December 21, 2018 03:49AM
MKS Board and Display??

There is an issue using some Discount RepRap Smart Controllers with genuine MKS Gen L boards.

Unfortunately my display is by BigTree Tech and isn't working properly and I would very much appreciate your help.

Where can I get a RepRap Discount Smart Controller that is Known To Work with a Genuine MKS Gen L board?

MKS only list the touch panel on their site and I'd prefer the simpler controller.

Thanks All. Aamcle
Re: MKS Board and Display
December 21, 2018 07:44AM
I purchased a BigTree Tech LCD ? And found that the connectors were laid out on the mother board is the opposite key direction as my MLCD2004.2

As you can see in the two images that the Key for the connectors is backwards for the two connectors.
So Purchased the Connectors and ribbon cable to make my own connectors this allowed for the correct connections to my Controller Card.

Not sure if this is the Problem you are having so will note the fact that the BigTree has a contrast control in the upper right hand corner.
I did not like my BigTree LCD as the display had bright spots that made the LCD viewing most undesirable.

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Re: MKS Board and Display
December 21, 2018 10:24AM
I found a Genuine MKS discount smart controller going for just a few $ on Aliexpress so I ordered one.

Thanks All. Aamcle
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