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MPX.3 - stepper drivers dead?

Posted by Br003 
MPX.3 - stepper drivers dead?
April 06, 2019 05:03PM
I hope that this is a good folder, but I'm quite new to the forum and 3d printing itself and I found information that MPX.3 is a clone of RAMPS.

I have a bit of a problem and I'd like to ask you guys what my be wrong with my board.
PSU is 24V, Stepper driver A4982
Yesterday the 3d printer was printing just fine, after print finished I waited for temp to go down and I switched it off (from power supply as I don't have a switch button).
Today all motors don't work except Y axis.. I switched X motor to Y port on the board and X is working so this is not motor...
I uploaded RAMPS 1.4 TestCode and hot end and bed heat, Y axis + fan work OK, however extruder, X, Z don't work at all. All LEDs are blinking except led for Q1.

It seems to be unlikely to me that after a successful print during the night 4 stepper driver would die...
Any advice ? Ideas how can I test and find the problem? As stepper drivers are soldered to the board I don't want to try to switch them just to check as likely hood of me breaking the board is quite high just to perform a test.

Re: MPX.3 - stepper drivers dead?
April 06, 2019 08:03PM
Q1 is the ('E1') extruder Mosfet D4 is the Led for the ('E1') I have two that Have Bad A4982SLPT drivers. Purchased the Chips replaced still did not function.

Saving for parts The connectors and Mosfets ect... GAve up on fixing it.

Will replace with New one from Hictop or a MKS Base Controller Board Mega2560+RAMPS1.4+A4982 off E-Bay.

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Re: MPX.3 - stepper drivers dead?
April 08, 2019 06:41PM
Thank you. This is sad news...
I'd probably go with MKS gen v1.4 + A4988.
Re: MPX.3 - stepper drivers dead?
April 08, 2019 10:41PM
I went with the MPK V1 this is the replacement for the Base 1.3 and MPX.3.

The only difference is the pins locations have changes with an onboard SD reader.

Have been looking at MKS gen v1.6 for a CNC piper

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