Ramp1.4 with Arduino, motor glitching problem
May 18, 2021 06:09PM
Hi guys,

I'm using Ramp1.4 with Arduino Mega to control my Nema17 motors. The software interface is Repetier. When I ask the motor to move from one position to another, it will initially do so as expected, but gradually start to have some glitching, where it tries to move towards the opposition direction every now and then (periodically) during the movement. I think it's an accumulative issue. I've checked the step/unit length setting, replaced new motor, fastened the belt, and double checked the motor connection. Not sure what's going wrong. Can anyone please help? Many thanks!

Re: Ramp1.4 with Arduino, motor glitching problem
August 18, 2021 01:20PM
I don’t know if you still need help, but that happened to me and I needed to adjust the reference voltage in the motor drivers. Here is a tutorial: [zerotohero.engineering]
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