Lifting prints
December 07, 2014 02:54PM
I was looking arount the forum but i think that i need to make my own post here.I don't have heating bed and I'm printing 1.75 PLA. When the print goes higher every corner is wrapping and in the middle of the print it goes up everywhere end just comes off the glass.
What are your ways to deal with this? I'm very curious because i would love to print some bigger parts for another 3d printer but i'm just not able to.
Re: Lifting prints
December 08, 2014 06:42AM
Hello AFK-er,

Which printer are you using without a heat bed? Without a heat bed I would guess that you will almost certainly get lifting around the edges. I notice with mine if I drop the temp even a little (just below 60) I start having more frequent lifting issues (using PLA). Another thing to be mindful of is environmental effects, drafts, wash back from fans, if the room is too cold. I had issues will all of these. It's crucial to get the first layer to stick as much as possible.
Re: Lifting prints
December 08, 2014 12:28PM
Thank you for your reply.
I'm using Rep Rap Rostock. My first layer stick to the bed very well but when the print goes higher on bigger parts edges are just lifting. So it's impossible to print PLA properly without heat bed? And is it posible to put 26' glass on 20' heat bed? Would it work normally? And i have seen something about print cooling fan. Would it prefent my corners from lifting without heat bed?

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Re: Lifting prints
December 10, 2014 06:03PM

Without a heat bed you're always going to have trouble with lifting, particularly for taller prints with a small foot print. Keeping the bed very clean is crucial, there are also some other tricks people have use to improve adhesion. I tried to scour the forums, but couldn't remember where the threads were. Maybe someone can help point you in the right direction.

With respect to your glass I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve? Do you have a heat bed you can use? I would suggest using a glass plate the same size as your heat bed otherwise you will have uneven thermal distribution.

The print cooling fan is for the hot end and won't help with the comers curling, however fan backwash can contribute to curling.

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Re: Lifting prints
December 10, 2014 06:20PM
Try putting a layer of painter's tape down on the bed. The rough surface of the tape can help adhesion.

Curling is also a classic symptom of a bed that hasn't been leveled.

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Re: Lifting prints
December 11, 2014 09:33AM
Thanks for your reply. I have bought heat bead and i'm waiting for my order. And i have leveled my bed and i even did auto bed leveling probe. I'm using painter's tape on my glass but i thing that it's just related to not having heat bed so thank you all for help.
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