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RAMBo z axis acting weird all of the sudden

Posted by tecnmotion 
RAMBo z axis acting weird all of the sudden
February 28, 2016 07:37PM
Yesterday I powered up my printer and it seems something has gone wrong with the z-axis. The printer has been working fine and I have not changed any settings nor hardware or messed with anything since I got everything dialed in a month after purchase and have printed many things fine. Nothing has been dropped, touched, spilled or anything on the RAMBo board. I have tried uploading the saved Marlin config again and still the problem persists. When trying to home the z-axis it moves in the opposite direction for about a second and then stops. If I manually try and jog the z-axis down it will not. However if I jog it up say 5 times I am then able to jog it back down, but only 5 times. It's as though it sets a software endstop at what ever position the z-axis is at upon powering up the printer. But at the same time if I were to manually jog the z-axis up 5 times and then try and home the z-axis it will still move in the wrong direction for a second and then stop. Has this been a problem anyone has experienced before? If so, is the board dead and a new one needed? I realize it's about a year old but I did expect a little more than that out of it and it's not like i'm constantly printing things, maybe once a week printing a 4 hour print. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Re: RAMBo z axis acting weird all of the sudden
February 28, 2016 11:54PM
If you have not changed the hardware and working config you uploaded again does not work either you could have faulty hardware.
But to rule that out try to clear the EEPROM first.
There is a sample sketch in the Arduino examples, just adjust the 512kb value to what your EEPROM size is, for my Mega that would be 4096kb, upload the sketch to your board and flash the firmware again.
If the hardware is fine your printer should now work again as usual.
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