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E3D Silicone socks

Posted by chriske 
E3D Silicone socks
May 18, 2017 06:03AM

These bleu socks are a great asset to the E3D extruder unit, only they do not stay in place. After a while I always have to push them back in place.
Even when they're new these socks do not fit perfectly around the heatblock.

This is what I did to deal with the problem.
Two extra holes, tapped M2, a washer, done...

open | download - E3D-kapotje1.JPG (54 KB)
Re: E3D Silicone socks
May 19, 2017 07:28AM
I've not had any issues with mine. I've got 4 of them on 4 different genuine E3D V6 hotends and they all stay put without any external attachment devices. Even the older genuine E3D V6 blocks that are don't support the thermister cartridge don't seem to have a problem sitting still either and only hold the block on 3 sides in that case because of the smaller size.

I did have a few issues with one of them not sitting still on a clone E3D V6, but after replacing that for a genuine E3D V6 that problem went away along with the other issues it was experiencing while printing.
Re: E3D Silicone socks
May 20, 2017 02:02PM
I also had this problem and contacter E3D about it. Apparently it is related to the relationship between the nozzle and the hotend. I haven't been able to solve it. They fit good for a gew prints, then one side gets loose and starts falling.
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