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Creatbot ABL firmware issues

Posted by phamd4 
Creatbot ABL firmware issues
June 30, 2019 06:20AM

I am really new to 3D printer so if I post something wrong or at the wrong place please help guide me to the right direction.

I just purchased a creatbot F430 and just realized that they don’t public their firmware. However I needed to changed the firmware because it seems like everytime I run the autobed leveling it over compensate. Always one side higher than the other. I’ve check the axis are even and not twisted using a gauge meter.

I purchased a new bl touch v3 and the only way it will work is update the firmware but creatbot won’t give it to me.

Does anyone happened to know how to go by solving this issue?

Thank you so much.
Re: Creatbot ABL firmware issues
June 30, 2019 06:34AM
Here is some more info about Creatbot from 2015, it seems they are using Marlin in an illegally unlicensed way. I'm not sure if this is outdated info but might give you some pointers in where to look into.

Since the F430 is considered an 'industrial' machine, I am not sure how user friendly this machine is towards running custom firmware though, considering there may be a lot of tweaks that they have done to Marlin.

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