geetech mk8 extruder feed problem (not slipping)
January 31, 2021 07:15PM
Hi all, been a long time, but I am puzzled by a problem I am having.
I have a wilson RS printer that has been working smoothly for years. I had an MK8 extruder on it with a .4 nozzle. I started having motor jittering problems, changed drivers, ramps board, etc. Finally decided to mount and try the same extruder that I had bought long ago with a .3 nozzle. All seemed to be working, but when I try to print, the feed is erratic. If I tell it to extrude 100mm of filament, instead of feeding steady for 100mm, it feeds 10mm fast, then another 10 fast, etc like it is spitting it out instead of feeding smooth. It is not slipping.
Re: geetech mk8 extruder feed problem (not slipping)
February 01, 2021 07:42AM
A suggestion for you!

On my 3D Printers once in a blue moon they act similar to your 3D Printer.

Too solve I have to do a factory reset, some how the settings get corrupted, an resetting correct this problem.
Keep in mind I do not have a Geetech, though our 3D Printers are quite similar .

Hope this helps.

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