ASA Filament
July 16, 2021 12:38PM
Today I am asking this question in order to help another 3D Printer User with his ASA bridging problems.

His information.

Print Settings:
Print Speed: 50mm/s
Travel Speed: 60mm/s
Min Layer Time: 24s
Minimum Speed: 30mm/s
Fan Speed: Fan OFF
Retraction: OFF
Wall Line Count: 6 was 4
Top Layers: 6 was 4
Bottom Layers: 6 was 4
Optimize Wall Printer Order: On
Outer Before Inner Walls: On
Enable Bridge Settings: On
Minimum Bridge Wall Lenght: 5mm
Bridge Wall Coasting: 80%
Bridge Wall Speed: 35mm/s
Bridge Wall Flow: 95%

Print Settings: starting settings
Temp Settings by layer height (The Temps are not as shown on the print)
Layer: 1 38 72 106 140 174 208 242 276
Temp: 263 261 258 255 252 249 246 243 240
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Infill Density: 20%
Print Speed: 40 mm/s
Travel Speed: 50 mm/s
Min Layer TIme: 20s
Fan Speed: 20%
Bed Temp: 84C
Initial Bed Temp: 86C

Any suggestions on getting a good printed bridge would be helpful.

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Re: ASA Filament
July 16, 2021 05:09PM
Things to try.

1. Dry the filament. Put it into an oven at 75°C for a couple of hours.
2. Turn the fan on. Low speed only for normal printing with ASA (is the printer enclosed?), but faster while bridging.
3. Turn on retraction.
4. Check the extrusion path in the slicer to make sure that the bridges start well-connected to the bodies. If a bridge run begins at the edge then there is a better chance that it will fail.
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