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Slic3r setting for dual extruder

Posted by downeym 
Slic3r setting for dual extruder
September 29, 2013 06:25PM
I am trying to set up a dual bowden extruder using Slic3r as the slicking software, but I am having some issues with ooze on the non-active extruder. Over time, the inactive extruder begins to ooze and when it finally travels over the part, it will wipe itself on the part, leaving messy trails.

Slic3r has a setting for retraction when the extruder is disabled, and I have been playing with this and it doesnt seem to have much effect. I have tried 5mm, 10mm, and now 13mm and I dont see any meaningful difference in the results. extruder alignment looks good, but I cant seem to get rid of the ooze.

I am using 2 E3D metal hot ends, which seem to ooze a lot less than many of the hot ends I have used before. I am currently extruding ABS at 240C in both extruders.

Anyone have any ideas what to try next?
open | download - front.JPG (389.6 KB)
open | download - back.JPG (372.2 KB)
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