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Dual extruder Z offset

Posted by ShaharB 
Dual extruder Z offset
February 24, 2019 05:38AM

There is a simple X,Y offset setting for additional extruders. (Printer Settings -> Extruder 1... -> Position)
However, I could not find any similar Z offset setting.

Trying to implement something like that with a Custom Gcode is possible but cumbersome.

I am building a fully customized HW, so I guess Z Offset for each extruder might be some abnormal feature that was simply never required.

Re: Dual extruder Z offset
February 24, 2019 12:41PM
Doesn't your printer firmware allow you to set the Z offset for each tool?

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Re: Dual extruder Z offset
February 24, 2019 04:32PM

I am building my custom HW using Marlin on a standard Ramps.
I thought that the Z offset for each of the extruders should be specified in the level of GCode generation. (i.e. slicer..)

When switching extruder (tool change) some sequence of moves might be required. (This is so at least in my case)

Maybe even something simple like:
- Lower Z
- Move current extruder out of printing area
- Move next extruder above first perimeter point
- Move Z up to current layer height...

I am actually not using the FW at all during tool change. (I believe I even didn't configure Marlin to more than 1 extruder)
The reason for this is that my second extruder is not an extruder at all... (It is some kind of a post-processing tool)

Anyhow, what I finally did is to skip the "layer_change" invocation from the Gcode.pl when the current tool is the relevant one.
This looks decent enough.
I had to add custom toolchange gcode for handling the transition.

It would still be nicer I guess to have Slic3r handle the process more "natively"...
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