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multiple extruders ???not

Posted by tesseract 
multiple extruders ???not
November 16, 2013 06:55PM
got a strange one here everytime I reset the firmware or make a connection I seem to get another extruder

I only have one but the first pic show what I get when I connect ====an extra exturder
and the second pic shows what happens when I hit the reset button again ====another extra extruder

Any idea what it means when you see you see a long number like that designated as an extruder

Re: multiple extruders ???not
November 17, 2013 03:38AM
Strange thing. Had this once with an old slicer version which included invalid Txxxx commands, but never only from connection. Can you restart with logging enabled (repetier settings) and connect twice and then send the resulting disk log file. The answer should be hidden in the log file (not the one visible in host).

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