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how to control multi printers with Reptetier

Posted by frankleng 
how to control multi printers with Reptetier
May 23, 2015 11:53PM
I want to control two printers at the same time. However, i did not see add button on Printer setting page.
Re: how to control multi printers with Reptetier
May 25, 2015 05:00AM
Simply rename printer settings and press apply. Then you have 2 settings. But you can still only run one printer at a time, just select which one. You can start repetier 2 times and control 2 printers. You should be aware that this buts much load and resource usage on your computer. A better solution would be installing Repetier-Server. It uses nearly no resources and can handle even more printer at the same time. Next host release will also be able to talk directly to the server. So you can think of it as a printer spooler that works in the background (also accissible via internet).

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