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Layer shifting and ABS Grit on plate with lots of small parts

Posted by jamesmoe 
Layer shifting and ABS Grit on plate with lots of small parts
December 14, 2013 07:40AM
I printing a whole set of parts for a friend's printer. New fan duct, x-carriage, extruder body, herringbone gears, etc. for updates to my printer. All good. When I try to print a plate with lots of smallish parts I first got X layer shifting. I turned up the pot on the x stepper and that seemed to take care of that .. then y did it .. turned up .. sort of took care of that .. then all seemed well. Then it looks like I am getting ABS dust everywhere like the filament is stripping .. but things still print, sort of.

Pictures of the X, Y, and ABS dust attached.

My theory is that travel speed is too high? Acceleration? Retraction speed? It has to jump quickly from part to part. There are about 20 individual parts on the plate. Before I start messing with settings in the blind does anyone have solid guidance? Travel, acceleration, retraction speed, or combination?


- Jim
open | download - ABS_Dust.jpg (179.9 KB)
open | download - Y_Shift.jpg (146.1 KB)
open | download - X_Shift.jpg (357.6 KB)
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