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J-Head get shorter? Does not protrude below fan duct.

Posted by jamesmoe 
J-Head get shorter? Does not protrude below fan duct.
March 01, 2014 09:27AM
I have been printing with a J-Head MK IV-B from Makerfarm using the latest duct printed from Nophead files.

I was having very strange issues so thought to get an alternative hot end. I ordered an official J-Head from hotends.com. J-Head MkV-BV.

The specs do not look different in the wiki .. but the Hotends.com J-Head does not protrude below the fan duct. I have not taken it out to measure, but obviously it is shorter. I could print a new extruder body and groove mount it .. but I like it recessed into the extruder body.

So really two points to this post:

1. Be aware of the length of the hot end when choosing mounting style.

2. More importantly for me .. any suggestions on an alternative fan duct or fan mount?
Re: J-Head get shorter? Does not protrude below fan duct.
March 01, 2014 12:17PM
The MK IV-B was quite a lot shorter than the MK V-B. The extruder block changed to accommodate the difference and subsequently changed to use three screws rather than press fit.

There was an update to the fan bracket with deeper slots to allow the duct to be mounted higher and bracing ribs to keep it level. Before that the duct could hit the bed clips due to me somehow having the wrong length in the design files by about 2mm. Brain tells me the length hasn't changed. I think when I went from MK4 to MK5 I assumed the difference in length was all down to the insulator being shorter, whereas actually the brass part got shorter as well due to loosing the nipple.

The size of the duct has not changed by I did add a hole to cool the cold end.

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