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Enclosure for Mendel90??

Posted by chka 
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
October 08, 2014 08:44AM
For a quick solution I got a cardboard display board and cut it to size to enclosure my Sturdy90. Doesn't look great, but it really showed how much better ABS prints with an enclosure.

Recently I took a Laser Cutting class with TechShop. So now I just need to take measurements of my cardboard box and cut an acrylic version.
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
October 09, 2014 09:56AM
You may like to check out the fixing method we use for the lasecut acrylic enclosure on our Mendel90 kit:



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Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
December 15, 2014 12:36PM
Now I have also built an enclosure for my Mendel90. I have taken 4mm plywood, a sheet of acrylic glass, a bit acrylic paint, 4 neodym magnets and some screws for the hinges. The hinges are printed on my M90. All together less than 25 EUR, but it need some hours to build.

Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
January 12, 2015 05:29PM

I really like the design of your enclosure and was wondering if you have had any further thoughts on publishing it? I will be very grateful if you did even if only the printed parts and a brief list of parts



@Alzibiff: not sure about publishing anything as of yet. There would be a few minor things to fix to make it perfect.

@demetris: This enclosure has done nothing but wonders and It makes the printer even quieter. The walls absorb and muffle some of the sound. I also sit the printer on some foam and make sure there's nothing else rattly - otherwise it would annoy the heck out of me haha
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