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Alternative Thermistor E3D v6

Posted by scubi 
Alternative Thermistor E3D v6
May 07, 2015 03:40AM

I have received my E3D hotend and I struggled to get the Thermistor & Protect Sleeve in to hole and landed up damaging the legs. Do you guys know of a alternative Thermistor I can use that I can use with Marlin.
I don't want to do any drilling on my new E3D hotend. Also import another hotend into SA will be expensive and time consuming.

I would appreciate your advice,

Re: Alternative Thermistor E3D v6
May 07, 2015 01:10PM
I would suggest looking at the Marlin firmware. Various thermistors are listed.
Any thermistor could be used that is ok with the temperature (250C), fits in the hole and has a suitable resistance which means around 100k at room temperature but you would need to create your own lookup table for unlisted ones.
I ordered a few extra thermistors from the E3D manufacturer myself as a precautionary measure as the ones they supply are probably the easiest to fit.
Re: Alternative Thermistor E3D v6
May 08, 2015 01:38AM
Thanks Ralph
I have a look at the Thermistors in Marlin and try determine which will fit into the hole of the E3D. Dont want to do any drilling.

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