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Posted by howellrm92 
August 08, 2015 04:39PM
I'm attempting to download the still files for the Mendel i2 on my mac but I cannot seem to download them correctly from the github app. I have the openscad installed but I do not know how to get the files to openscad and then I need to save the openscad files to a cd. I'm confused about what you are supposed to do to get them onto openscad or if putting them on openscad is even necessary and I can just make the files without using it. Please help.
August 17, 2015 06:38PM
1. What repository are you downloading them from?
2. What do you mean by the github app?
3. I think you mean STL files, not still files. STL files have the file extension ".stl". OpenSCAD files have the file extension ".scad". You can print the STL files without first loading them into OpenSCAD - in fact, you won't be able to load the STL files into OpenSCAD.

You need to run the STL files through a slicer (such as Slic3r) that is configured for your printer. This will turn them into gcode files you can send to your printer.

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August 17, 2015 11:33PM
Is this the kit you are looking at? Github Kit from Prusa

If so there are two file types in there
1 - STL is the printable version of the files, Openscad is not needed for these.
2 - SCAD files can be open in Openscad and modified if needed.

You can just down load the whole folder to your computer. If you need them on a cd then you should be able to select that folder and drag and drop them (in finder) on to the CD/DVD drive (provided you have one, not all macs have it)
Easy way is to click on this link and then click on download zip file. Once downloaded open that new folder and then go to the proper folder (i.e.: Mandel/Prusa) then use the files in that folder to either print the STL files and or copy them to a cd.

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