My first own piece
December 26, 2013 10:43AM
My first piece

It's a pot with square base and elliptical tip
design on SW , filed in .stl , converted in .g by slick3r , transfered on sd card , printed with overbugged pronterface

to print the easiest method I found which seems to work

-Homing X and Y
-Move hot end at X60 and Y0
-Put a sheet of paper under the nozzle and move it down until sheet can't move
-G92 Z0
-Pray and try to launch printing wth Pronterbug

and wait

another funny thing the file name maust have maximum 8 letters ( like windows 3.1) to be able to print from SD by Prontersh...
I'm quite satisfied of the result but please Mr reprappro make something for the software !!!!
I'm a professional user and I don't think that many professional users will be as patient as me to manipulate strange codes and DOS command

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Re: My first own piece
December 26, 2013 11:04AM
Hi dynayla

Looks beatiful to me. Yes the file names are 3.1 type for now but due to be upgraded later I read somewhere.

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