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IR Sensor issues

Posted by dieterzar 
IR Sensor issues
January 05, 2014 03:46PM
I have read quite a bit about IR sensor issues here on the forum but don't seem to have any of these. My operating room is lit by natural day light during the day, not sun shining on the machine and all works fine. At night it is lit by LED down lights. All works fine. I even get similar voltage ranges as on the wiki. I have not made any changes to software or hardware.

Those that are having issues, are you in a room with a florescent light? They mess with photo electronics pretty well.

Re: IR Sensor issues
January 05, 2014 04:24PM
The problem I had was with halogen lighting, although I found that bright sunlight caused problems too. I don't think fluorescent lighting would cause much of a problem, because unlike incandescent lighting, it doesn't produce a lot of IR.

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Re: IR Sensor issues
January 05, 2014 04:55PM
Thanks dieterzar! Nice to hear a success story...

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